Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's cold.
It's wet.

It's the perfect time for daydreaming about warmer climates and fun times with the family...

Last Christmas we flew to the Florida Keys for 2 weeks.

The hubs was able to find us a "resort-like" home right on the gulf.
We had everything we needed right there.
The gulf, palm trees, lounge chairs, fire pit, a hammock, a hot tub, a secret pirate hideaway...

But...the hubs wan't feeling so well. was Christmas afterall.

So..on Christmas Eve, we packed up the kids (in their Christmas PJ's) & my parents (who had comeon vacation with us) and we caught a late night flight back to NJ...cutting our trip short by 3 days.

Which ended up being even more PERFECT.
Because it turns out...
I prefer to be home on Christmas.

Do you vacation for the Holidays or keep it Home?


  1. Hey there just stumbled upon your blog today, your family .. so cute!
    Wow Christmas on the beach in the sun, that's sound like so much fun. Our Christmas is just chillin with the family and going for a long walk :)


Thank you for the note!