Friday, November 4, 2011

Fave 6 year old...

It's fave Friday time...
I'd like you to meet my most favorite 6 year old in the WHOLE WORLD!

As you know, our "Thing 2" turned 6 yesterday.
He is very proud of this fact.

We decided to have a simple family night in to celebrate this special day.
The decor consisted of colorful present & the requested fire truck cake.
(Nothing says birthday better than presents and cake)

We have a birthday tradition.
{derived from my own childhood}
The Birthday honoree chooses the dinner menu.
He choose: Soda, Popcorn, & cheesesteaks.

Sticking with traditional....
Cake followed dinner.
Presents followed cake.

Playing with presents followed until bedtime.
Our "Thing 2" is a special boy.
His heart is sweet and his ways are simple.
He wants to love and be loved.

I am grateful.
Grateful to be his momma.
Grateful that 6 years ago a beautiful boy was born and though I didn't know it at that time...
God had planned for him to be my son.

I love you Armani Joshua Willey, forever & ever.


  1. Is that a skateboard?!?! :) I'm sure that made for a happy little boy. Love that kid!


Thank you for the note!