Monday, November 21, 2011

For the Holidays...

There's a holiday this week!
{Your Welcome.}
It did kinda sneak up on us, didn't it?

This year we have a small gathering planned at home.
It'll be us and my parents.
I'm looking forward to some simple.

Photo via Life of a Vintage Lover
With 3 holiday's in 3 months, this time of year is quite busy for everyone. 
Add 4 birthday's to the mix and you have the potential for some "celebration overload".
{Which is saying something coming for me...I love a love love a party}

I'm looking forward to the unexpected "breathe of ease" we have found ourselves looking forward to this Thanksgiving. 
Mom and I will prepare the meal (mostly mom), while the hubs runs in a local "turkey trot".
The boys will play all day in their PJ's, while dad tends to the fire. 

We'll spend our day just "be-ing" together, "be-ing" at rest, "be-ing" a family.
Doesn't it sound lovely?
I'm very much looking forward to this unexpectedly, simple Holiday.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
Do you host dinner or attend one?
Will it be a simple gathering or a rockin' party?

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