Sunday, November 13, 2011

House Tour...

Our dining room has always been a favorite of visitors.
People can't usually pinpoint what it is that draws them to this room...
Can you?

My goal in this room was "warmly inviting formal" while staying true to the decor style of our home.

I have only just added the wall of windows.
You see I struggle with wall hanging phobia. (not really a phobia)
Hanging things on the wall is a HUGE commitment and it's so hard to find the perfect fit!
But with the encouragement of my bestie I was able to finally pull the trigger.
Thanks Michele!

Tell me you noticed the lace windows...little details make the biggest difference!
For your own lacey windows:

  1. Purchase a lace curtain from your local thrift store. (they are plentiful) 
  2. Staple it tautly to the back of the window. 
  3. Distress window with sandpaper (electric or manual) as desired. 
  4. Hang EVERYWHERE!  

I love the results. So cozy.


  1. this is like my dream dining room - it's fantastic. so romantic and "put together" yet so eclectic and beautiful. I really love it.


  2. It was definitely the window frames and wall hangings that invited me in! Such an interesting idea. There are so many beautiful elements in the room. It's rustic yet elegant! Gorgeous! And yes the lace was one of the first thing I noticed!

  3. love your house tour posts! you have a beautiful and fun home and the photography is fabulous : )

  4. I absolutely adore your lace windows! (I have a bit of an obsession with everything lacy!) You dining room is beautiful. I would love to have a room like it in my home.

    the doubtful pixie


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