Monday, November 7, 2011

Lampshade Pick Me Up...

I recently found a Fabulous lamp at a thrift store for $6!
It is just what I've been looking for, for the reading chair by the fireplace.

One problem, the lampshade was...BLECH!

Not really wanting to spend a lot of cash on a new lampshade...
 (thus defeating the purpose of thrift-ing a lamp)
I decided to "dress up" a plain white lamp shade I already had laying around.

My "Dressing" of choice:

Doilies (of course).
Just grab a few and fold them over the top edge of the lampshade...

Lights Off...

Lights On...

There you go!
Another easy peasy decorating with doilies DIY for all those doilies you've been collecting!
I think colored doilies would be fantastically fun.
Especially with the "lights on".

BONUS: this isn't permanent...leaving you room to switch it up with no fuss for when you get "bored".

***Design Tip - be sure that you're doilies are not touching the light hazard.***


  1. omg I LOVE doilies - when I was little my mom would take me around to antique shops to find them (and hat pins!) haha

    nice job!



Thank you for the note!