Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Master Bedroom Re-Haul...

Over a year ago I began "making over" our Master Bedroom.
{To see the original post go HERE}

The project came to an abrupt HAULT when Coop was born.
Which is for the best because I had "pregnancy brain" and while my choices at the time were beautiful, they weren't "us" {me}.

Needless to say, project "MASTER BEDROOM RE-HAUL" is back on.
Some things have stayed the same.
Some things will be dramatically different.

I have a plan.
A vision, you might say.
The key will be patience.
Patiently waiting for the right pieces to become available and not settling just to have it done.

Not wanting to spoil the suprises, I'm not going to share with you my plans.
I will however, share with you my inspirations:





To see more of what inspires me visit my "DAYDREAMS FOR HOME" pinboard on pinterest!

Warning: Pinterest is addicting.


  1. I love the detail in these photographs. Simply beautiful. xo, rv


  2. Ahhh.. shabby chic. How I dream of you everyday... :) Love this post sweetie!

  3. Pinterest is very addicting you are right. That would probably be why baby wakes up at 4am for a feeding and goes back down, however Mummy stays up and Pins. GAH!!!

    Just stumbled across your Blog now and wish I had done it sooner. LOVE

    Come pop on by Little Miss Mama if you get a chance, Tea is always served hot with Baby and Fashion always at my top priority.

    XO {your newest Fan and Follower}



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