Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not a Mom-Blogger...

Just to clarify...
I am not a "Mom-Blogger".

I'm a Mom.
{who happens to have a blog}

I blog because I love it.
I blog because I can.
I blog becuase I'm in a house full of boys, who try to understand, but just don't get why I like the shirt with the "extra ruffle". (And you fab ladies keep me feeling sane as we enjoy the details together.)

I check with hubs religioulsy to make sure "this world" isn't infringing on "our world".
My family IS #1.

So...if one day I mysteriously disappear from the "Blog-isphere" please do not worry.
Chances are my kids need me.

And just so we're clear...I love this "blog-life" but my "THINGS" are my priority...always and forever... 

Right where I was meant to be.
I'm a MOM
{with a BLOG}

*Note-I'm not tooting my horn or bashing professional bloggers...just giving a glimpse into who I am and what I do. My choices are not meant to be your choices.*


Thank you for the note!