Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Perfect Tree...

Since living in our current home we have gotten our Christmas Trees from a small local farm.
$25, choose and cut your own...any tree on the lot.
{We got the tip from my bestie, Michele}

We have found some amazing trees.

Usually we wind up cutting down a 30 ft. tree and then trim off the top to make it our own.
{In the dark of night because of the school & work schedules}
They have been perfect.  Every single year.

This year we lucked out! We didn't need to cut down a 30 ft. tree! One of the regulars was overgrown enough to fit perfectly into "our style".
{Of course we searched the woods first, just to be on the safe side}
And...we didn't have to do it in the dark. We decided to cut it down and surprise the older 2 when they got home from school.

As the hunt began "Thing 3" could barely contain his excitement. And the rest of us could barely keep up...

"Thing 4" was not to be out done. A little trooper he hung in there till the very end...
{An end that wasn't to be reached until much later}

After over an hour of searching...
{With slightly less enthusiasm than we began with}
We found it...
The PERFECT tree.

I said "Timber". No one laughed.

I guarded our perfectly imperfect tree while the men went and got the truck...

The boys waited in the back while the hubs gave our newest tree a trim...

Then "Thing 3" snapped a quick photo of the happy couple the trees.

We had fun.
I had the most fun of all.

Bonus: The happy squeals and cheers for Christmas, from our older 2, surprised to see the tree standing in it's place, seemed to instantly removed any blisters we had acquired during our lengthy "hunt" earlier that day. Christmas is here. Officially.

Do you have any Christmas Tree traditions?


  1. This looks like such an amazing tradition.

    My boyfriend and I fly home for the holidays so we stick with a baby artificial tree. I hope that someday we will be able to have a "real tree" tradition and experience like this!

    a cup of subtle tea

  2. Looks like the boys had fun just as much as the happy couple, or I mean "trees" did. :]


Thank you for the note!