Friday, December 23, 2011

Thing 4 has a stocking {finally}...

Of course this is my new fave stocking.

I am THRILLED with how it turned out!

Made from the baby blanket he came home in & some sweater scraps from my bestie.
{The scraps are extra special because they also adorn the homemade stocking the bestie made for her 1st born...who is going to be Thing 4's bestie, I'm sure of it}

I'll be honest, I cried through {nearly} the whole process of making this last stocking.
My baby is a boy.
My boys are getting older.
And one day, long from now, they will be men.

I vow to cherish this time with them.
To not look back with regret over time lost.


  1. What an adorable little stocking. Such a sweet post. Have a great Christmas. xo, rv

  2. So, so precious.



Thank you for the note!