Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birthday's for Boo...

During my "time off" our "Thing 3" (a.k.a. Boo Boo) celebrated his 4th birthday.
I love our little Boo.
I can't believe he's 4!
We started a new birthday tradition this year...
The whole family wakes up the birthday boy with his presents!

He was so excited the night before, he barely slept.
{Confession, I was so excited I barely slept! I love birthday's}
Another tradition, birthday's are sacred family time. 
No parties on the actual birthday. Just our little group of 6.
Birthday honoree gets to pick the dinner menu & make a cake request.
He chose pancakes and eggs & a chocolate guitar cake. 

Final tradition...staying up late to play with the new birthday toys...

The week following we had a simple kid party.
{just 3 little friends...which was a challenge since our little Boo loves so so so many people}
Decor was simple and adorable.

The absolutely adorable plates are from TARGET! 
The banner is the one we use for every birthday. I made it a few years ago. 
It's paper.
The favors were simply wrapped in paper lunch sacks and yarn. 
It was a birthday brunch.
{We are a brunch family, for sure.}
Pancakes, banana walnut french toast, fruit kabobs, homemade whip cream, chocolate milk (with bendy straws), & chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing for dessert.
{And now I'm craving breakfast} 

All said and done little Boo had the "Happy Birthday" song sung to him 3 times at 3 different celebrations. 
Of course he loved every minute of it.
As he should. 

*Side story: On his actual birthday as I tucked him into bed he asked, "Mom, how old will I be on my next birthday?" To which I replied, "You'll be 5!" A few days later as his friends started to show up for the party I heard him announce "I'm 5 now! I was 4 on my last birthday...but today is a new birthday so now I'm 5". Kids are cute. 

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  1. favorite tradition: staying up late playing with new toys. favorite picture: staying up late playing with new toys (a peek through the window). what a loved boy.


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