Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I just added some pretties to my collections!
I {heart to} collect:
~cupcake wrappers
~latte bowls {anthro}

 I really, really like my collections.
They are pretty.
They make me smile.
And...I get to use them everyday!

I didn't intend to start collecting cupcake wrappers & bowls.
But..."having" to buy one at each chance encounter...the collections grew without my realization.
{I'm very much looking forward to my next Anthro trip.}

*Check back on Friday for "5 ways to use cupcake wrappers {without cupcakes}"*

So...Do you have any fun little collections?


  1. where oh where do you find such adorable cupcake wrappers???

    Not a huge collected, but from the looks of it -- I think I collect chairs. I have abnormal amount compared to the rooms and space in my house! And anthro's juice glasses. they are too cute to pass up!

  2. extremely jealous of your wonderfully adorable collection! I love collecting cute cupcake wrappers!


  3. one day soon you and i will have to schedule ourselves an anthro date. in fact, if you're willing to come out my way (how's the wayne anthropologie sound?), i can also introduce you to one of my favorite local cupcake bakeries, dia doce!


Thank you for the note!