Thursday, January 26, 2012

Date Night-In...

The hubs and I have committed to having a date night every week.
Granted we spend EVERY night together. 
It's nice to have that intentional time.
It's nice to plan something special.
It's nice to get giddy with excitement the morning of when you realize, "I have a date tonight"!

However, with 4 kids, going out on dates each week is nearly impossible.

We do: Date Night-In
Same night every week.
1 rule: needs to be slightly different than every other night of the week.
The possibilities are endless!!!

Perhaps a "dessert date" inspired by this weeks anthro drool finds...

Now that you're all inspired for your romantic evening at home...
Time to get dressed!
{Yes. Get dressed.}
No reason you need to be all "frumped up" just because your "date" is taking place in the same room you fold the laundry. 
It's a date.
Get fancy. 
For you.
Because it's nice to feel pretty.
And let's be honest.
It's nice when he notices you're pretty. too.
{Not talking every night here, just "date night". You can do it.}

Here's this week's outfit drool finds from anthro...

Love the idea but aren't convinced you could make it work?

Here are some Date Night-In tips:
-A date is typically 1-2 hours long. Don't feel pressured to plan an overly lengthy affair
- set a date start both of you, some time after the kids are down, to "get ready"
-don't pressure yourself to be super creative each week. Find something you both enjoy and tweak it a smudge to make is date-ish.
-take turns picking the activity
-stay committed 

Here are some Date Night-In ideas:
- a movie: with mandatory cuddling & something extra yummy to munch on
-dessert picnic
-game night
- candle lit dinner (nothing says true love like pizza and candles, seriously)
- coffee & talking (completely unplug all gadgets)
-read a book together

Remember, the point is to make intentional time for each other. 
Don't sweat the details.
Have fun with it!


  1. Great post! Totally executing one of these.

    ♥ sécia

  2. well, i officially love your blog! especially the name.
    -your newest follower

  3. I love this post. You are too funny! Here is a simple yet fun date night dessert for all of you!


Thank you for the note!