Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wet in the Woods...

Yesterday, we went for a late morning walk in the woods. 
It was raining. 
Which made it extra fun!

{Ooh la la! Mamma got to wear her new boots from "Call it Spring"!}

Of course the best part about a rainy day is the fancy rain gear.
Who doesn't love fancy raincoats and umbrella's? 

An adventure was had... 
Tracking fox trails. 
Catching rain drops.
Searching for mud puddles. 
Climbing in holes.
{fighting over whose turn it was to use the green umbrella}
Racing up the path and back down again.
Following the leader..."Thing 3".

I'm enjoying this extra time I have with my littles. 
Soaking up each moment.
I only get this one chance to have them be so little...and I don't want to miss a thing. 


  1. So fun! Sometimes hard to grab the moments, but really worth it. We call Wes and Sum "the littles" too. Great pictures! Laura

  2. Your boys are too cute! Love all your photos!


Thank you for the note!