Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blocks Batman & Books...

"Thing 2" has a new set of faves: Building with blocks...any shape or size. His Batman costume...he wears it whenever he possibly can.  Books...2 in particular. 
The blocks create a sense of pride. The costume gives him confidence. The books engage him. 
They are his happy place. 
This past summer our precious boy was diagnosed with autism. The world is not always an easy place for him. It can be scary & confusing....but he's a trooper. No matter how frustrating life can get for him...he chooses to never give up. He chooses to be happy.  
And that is a happy place for me. 


  1. Children who decide to live outside of their medical abnormalities, are the ones that can be happy with obstacles they have to over-come in the future.

    I'm glad he has those things to hold on to, to forget about things that can hinder him!


Thank you for the note!