Friday, February 10, 2012

Memories of Celebrating...

2 - 7 - 2012

Happy Memories from a day of celebrating: A Date to start our day // Chesnut Hill // 8 years of wedded Bliss // Chocolate croissants // our littlest // CAKE // An aesthetic fantasy // Perfect Sunshine // reflecting on the blessings of our love // daydreaming together about our future // walking the cobblestone streets hand in hand // He surprised me with beautiful flowers // simply celebrating our love // ducking in Starbucks for a quick drink // drooling over stone houses and picking out our favorites //  an excited little squeal at the sight of a fire truck // the hubs wearing "thing 4" for the last time // getting all dressed up at 8 in the morning // An amazing day was had // SIGH...
Quick Story: while we were waiting for our food the hubs & Thing 4 played the "shell game". Well...apparantly Thing 4 is a shell game prodigy. {He got 7 out of 8...a little bit  freaky} We're thinking about taking him to some street games...hustling. 
{Ok, so I'm kidding about the street games. Do they even have those or are they just in the movies?}

8 years ago we said "I do"...
I  am blessed to have such an amazing Mr. to whom I am the Mrs.

*NOTE: I accidentally published this post before I was satisfied so if you are reading this for the second time and are a little bit confused...this is the "edited" edition. I prefer this version*


  1. aw happy anniversary. Were you married in Chestnut Hill? We were 8 years ago this past October. Absolutely love Chestnut Hill!!

    1. I imagine a Cheanut Hill Wedding to be divine! We were married in NJ at out home church where my hubs father is the pastor.

  2. trace, i love the picture of the fruit bowl! (and i also love chestnut hill!) glad you had a lovely date :)


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