Friday, February 17, 2012


My father is a man of few words. {Note: I did not say a man of few opinions} He's a private man. His love language is nonverbal...
He works hard for his family. He wears worry on his face. {When you have 2 daughters you worry a lot} He hold us. He cries with us.  He hugs us a few extra moments every if to say "I love you more than you'll ever know."  
I love watching our boys with my dad. Seeing him love them in the same fashion that he has loved me. 
It is a true love. 

My father was there for us. 
He still is...anything...anytime. And now he's there for our families too... anything...anytime. 


  1. Oh, Teej...what a sweet tribute to your dad!!! <3 I definitely recall him (from our HS years) as a man of few words, so its sweet to hear you talk about what's below the surface. It brings to mind the expression: Still waters run deep.


Thank you for the note!