Friday, March 16, 2012

1/2 dozen

My sweet friend, just had a baby...a precious little girl. I saved my "mommy & baby" visit for when she arrived home. I'm glad I waited...I was able to spend hours instead of minutes. 
Talking, sipping coffee, holding newborns, and marveling at how blessed she is with 6 littles. 

I know, she looks way to young to have 6 should see how cute & clean her house is...your jaw would drop to the floor in awe that 6 little people lived there...My 4 seem to leave tornado like effects...

I had so much fun searching through all the pink and ruffles to find her just the right outfit. I happily welcomed the chance to indulge in little girl-ness. I have decided that in the future I will "ooh & ahh" to myself.  My repeated, "Oh my goodness, this is so cute!", may have begun to annoy some...

I love holding newborns...I can't wait to visit with this precious babe again. 


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