Thursday, March 1, 2012


Happy memories on being the birthday girl: Birthday dress...ballerina bun...cake pops for breakfast...yellow balloons...big juicy burgers...special thoughts from special friends...Sunshine...bakery cake...hearing the littlest wish me "Happy Birthday" ALL DAY long...bows on my delivered to the door...surprises after dinner...plans that extend through the weekend...Birthday's are so great!

32 is off to a good start. 


  1. Happy Birthday to you! May it continue to be a blessed one!

  2. I know I said it once before but I love hearing it all day constantly so I wanted to say Happy Birthday to you again :) so glad you had a good day and you look fabulous on your special day! <3

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Wishing you all that is amazing!

  4. aww, we're the same age! aren't you loving your 30's?? i feel like i've really come into my own skin. who knew it would be so fun!


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