Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Burgers...

Lucky us! We live around the corner from the famous Mr. Bill's. {If it's not famous, it should be}. Best burgers EVER. The 6 layer chocolate cake is pretty good too...The littles took me to Bill's for a Birthday lunch with balloons. I loved the burger, they loved the mirror behind the booth. And of course everyone loves Mr. Bill. As other patrons entered, they would walk over...lean down...and ask "and who's birthday is it today?" {the balloons} In response, Thing 3 would announce "Mommy's" while Thing 4 broke out into the birthday song and kiss blowing. 
A memorable afternoon I will tuck away for rainy days. 

Today I am off to get my birthday present from the hubs! I am so so so so so excited! {I'm going to wait till I actually have it to tell you what it is, because it is that great!} My fabulous sis in law...dear coming with and we're making a girls day of it!!! Oh, and she's bringing cupcakes for breakfast. How great is that? {I can not tell you how happy I am to have such a wonderful friend right in the family. } Then it's a "night on the town" with a dear friend since childhood...It's first Friday and she knows all the good places in the city. It promises to be fabulous...And the weekend...the plans just go on & on! Birthday-ness GALORE!

I am very loved.

Thank you to all my friends and family for helping to make this birthday week a very special one indeed. 


  1. precious, precious


  2. happy birthday! sounds like a fabulous time!


Thank you for the note!