Thursday, March 22, 2012


Too cool for school. 
He asks for the pic to be taken...Of course we have to document this achievement of tree climbing in his new red shoes, popped collar grey polo, and faded navy cargo's...we are always stylin' {and of them all he is the only one with an opinion on his wardrobe, so far...knock on wood}
But then...refuses to smile. 
And still he manages to pull it off...the non-smiling, smile...or so he tells me. 
Too cool for school. 
This boy has stolen my heart.

NOTE: I've been on the Pinterest hunt for little boys reason a mama can't have fun dressing her boys...Anyways...I haven't had much luck! So...I've decided to start posting more pics of my boys in their "fashion fancy duds" hoping to encourage some other mama's to do the same. The key here {mama's} will be to add labels that note "boys fashion" so we can find each other when we need a little inspiration later on...


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