Monday, March 19, 2012


Our weekend was filled with fun...Leprechaun hunts...following the rainbow droppings till we found he had fallen in a cupcake! {OH MY!}...wearing our green to avoid pinches  /// A family trip to the little scooter gang riding on the boards..stopping for boardwalk fries and wave watching.  /// But my most favorite part of the weekend was sharing in the celebrating of our dear Noni's birthday. 

Noni, is the hubs' grandmother, and she is just the sweetest woman you will ever meet. We are so happy to have her in our lives. We cherish her. Everyone needs a Noni, I'm convinced. 

A simple party was had...cupcakes, bunting, potted flowers, and pics with the grand kids. A perfect little celebration to honor a fabulous lady. 

We love you Noni! 


  1. noni came to our house too for us to celebrate her birthday. we walked to the local coffeehouse and i bought her a cup of coffee. on the way back she bought me two pairs of darling earrings from the vintage store i can never afford. that's so noni :)

  2. what a beautiful birthday party and beautiful photos :)



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