Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rub a dub...

"Thing 4" loves a bath. He's constantly asking for one..."bath, mommy, please?" Sometimes I think he gets messy just so that I'll have to put him in the tub. {Nope. Scratch that, he just likes to be messy...the cleaning part of the bath he could totally do without.} The splishing & splashing is absolutely adorable and totally worth the watery mess on the bathroom floor. My little fish...
I look forward to listening to his wife go on about how he uses all the hot water with his hour long baths. 


  1. So sweet! Playing in the bathtub is so much fun. xo, rv

  2. oh my goodness he is absolutely completely precious! And you took incredible pictures as well! how fantastic he loves taking baths too, I know that can be a huge struggle w/ some kids. I'm pretty sure my favorite thing as a little one was to literally plop down in a pile of mud and make "cookies" with it.


Thank you for the note!