Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hello! It's been a while...I know.
We have been busy as bees around here. Tis baseball season and we have 3 little ball players in our lives...
This past weekend they had their opening day ceremonies...so official with a first pitch and a band and yummy yummy water ice. I just had to bring a pennant for "Thing 1's" game. After all, this is more than just fun for him...this is his future career :) I made a silly little fool of myself but I don't care..and he loved it. {I'm convinced that even the toughest of boys secretly loves his mama being willing to make a fool of herself on his behalf} Oh yes, I love being a baseball mama!


A quick make you giggle side story: It was a very very hot day this "opening day of baseball"...leading some {one man in particular} to remove their shirts...I'm all for confidence in your body, and keeping cool...BUT...our littlest has this thing...he likes to "hug bellies"...I'm sure you can see where this is going...YEP! Babe sees the topless man and proclaims, "hug bellies?!" as he begins to make his way over to the stranger for a jolly ol' hug...it was hilarious and momentarily frightening. No worries, he was intercepted before reaching the jelly-belly he wished to hug :)


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