Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boys will be boys

Neither of them quite yet 2.
Both of them boast fabulous new scars.
Different states...same day...1st set of stitches {yes I said "1st"}...

I told you they were destined to be best friends...
How else would you explain their simultaneous yet unrelated accidents?
It's Destiny...

Oh and...tough boys only use their heads to hug...just so you know. {wink, wink}


  1. I can totally relate. When my son was only a year and half, he got bit on the face by a family dog (of course, we got rid of the dog, sad day). Luckily, it was not his eyes and only the bridge of his nose. We always call our son our little "bad-ass" for being so brave during surgery and getting the stitches out.

    How did yours get hurt?

    1. A badge of bravery for sure :) Our little cutey crashed head first onto the brick fireplace...chasing after his big brothers. I'm surprised that with 4 boys, his is the first forehead to take on the mighty hearth.


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