Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Eggs

Not usually a fan of chickens...my children are helping to win me over. I'll admit, aside from their creepy legs and pointy beaks...they are kinda cute.

BONUS: They make eggs. I LOVE EGGS!!!

Of all the chicken's in the world I am sure that Nana's chickens are the bestest, especially when they are tucked away in their fancy nancy chicken coop...complete with Little Tykes Playhouse/Henhouse. {It really is quite adorable...and that's saying something coming from a "chicken hater"}

Happy Easter Memories: Sunday morning service ///  YAY! My amazing Easter dress {that I was told looked like a fancy Easter Egg} /// the hubbies parents house /// chasing chickens ///  fresh grilling /// jelly beans /// BIG BOYS wrestling...my hubs and his brothers...inevitably there is at least 1 wrestling match every get together...it's cute...am I allowed to say that? /// Chatting with my sister in-law...sharing our hearts both the happy & the sad... /// egg hunts ///our guys playing baseball...little guys included /// bare bottom babies streaking through the grass /// grammy's pretty skirt and oh so in style shoes /// Raspberry tart /// the age old tattoo debate /// tearing up through out the day & embracing HIS love...

So much to be thankful for...so so much...


  1. what a good idea using a little tykes house as a chicken house! looks like such a wonderful and beautiful day. Love the shots of the little ones admiring the chickens & your dress is so perfect for easter. I'd have loved to see your grandma's skirt too. Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. isn't it a geoius idea?! And yes...would have been nice to get a pic of Gramys skirt...sometimes I fear my camera gets in the way of other's relaxing and fun so...especially when I'm not the hostess...NEXT TIME!

  2. I love seeing you and the boys:-) YOU make me happy! You make those chickens look good, girl!! Tracey, I have ALWAYS liked you and I think you are a terrific, wonderful, kind mother (and wife:-). You are still (and always will be) my favorite 'brat'. hee hee...for old times' sake

  3. such an adorable dress! we are jumping into the world of backyard chickens this spring...our coop should be done in the next few weeks! we are looking forward to raising some chicks (they really are much cuter as babies, ha!) and to fresh eggs.


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