Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here I Am...

I wrote this song when I was a "tween" mother had been in an accident...I'm not a song writer, I'm not a singer...this is my "one hit wonder"...


It's funny...I haven't thought of this song in years...but last Wednesday, wandering around a parking garage with an empty carseat in my was running through my mind & it has been ever since. 

This weekend I packed up all the little girl-ness...took down all things baby...and and once again chose to trust the Lord & His love. I recorded this song right before I started packing...

One of our boys asks me to sing the song, constantly...they are sad too. We are sad together...

Sad but not worried.

***The video is unedited, and was recorded only the 1 time...I barely made it through...this isn't about my voice or abilities/lack there of, it's about where I am & how He is meeting me***


  1. I am aching. This is very sad and I'm sorry for your loss. Trusting with you.

  2. You should use this struggle as one of your biggest strengths. I feel you are an AMAZING singer and that you should pursue that as a career. To be honest, I was kind of skeptical to hear your video at first, but I am glad that I did because I would have never known how GOOD of a singer you were until I listened to you sing.

    AMAZING! I give you props because I know I definitely wouldn't have allowed myself to sing, let alone for everyone to hear on the internet.

    1. Your kindness made me smile...and your skepticism made me laugh...

  3. i waited until i got home from work to watch this because i knew i was going to tear up...and i did. this song is truly lovely and from the heart.

  4. Love it! This has been my song on repeat lately...may help ya out a little too!


Thank you for the note!