Thursday, April 26, 2012

House Tour - A room for the big big boy

Sometimes boys need special spaces...just for them.

He loves: art, star wars, gadgets, baseball, inventing, creating, displaying, stuffies, his own space, & feeling special. 
I think we did a pretty fantastic job giving him a room that's all HIM.

My 2 fave elements in the room: 
1) the homemade headboard...created with a door from IKEA{I spent some time making that puppy look old and messy}, and some 2x4's from a picnic table that had fallen to pieces at the in-laws...oh, and yes, he has a King size bed...incase we ever have overnight visitors...he'll bunk with a bro. 

2) the chalkboard/clipboard wall for all his art fabulousness. It is consistently covered with creativity. {hear my heart swelling?}


  1. What an amazing room! You did a fabulous job. :-)

    1. Thank you Maria...I kinda love it...and sometimes I sneak in and use the chalkboard while he's at school...shhhh!


Thank you for the note!