Thursday, April 5, 2012

knock knock

Mid-day...knock, knock..."Hello, I brought cupcakes. Surprise!"
Earlier this week a dear friend showed up on our stoop with a box of gourmet mini cupcakes. LUCKY ME!

We kinda live in the middle of mid-day visitors are usually salesmen or girl scouts...rarely is it a surprise visit from a girlfriend who lives an hour away!!! {Can you hear my squeal} A girlfriend who knows if there is anything that will cheer me's a spontaneous cupcake!!! {Still squealing} 

I feel very special. 

I'm so happy I decided to answer the I said mid-day visitors are usually salesmen or girl scouts...I've gotten very good at hiding behind the sofa and keeping the kids quiet so they think we aren't at home...maybe salesmen and girl scouts should bring free cupcakes, hmmmm...


Thank you Shan for the surprise. Thank you for loving me and encouraging me in such a "Tracey" kinda way. I can't wait till your next "surprise visit"...cupcakes not required. 


  1. Wow ! These miniature cakes are really cute & look absolutely delicious & tempting !

    1. So delicious! My have was the raspberry lemonade...ooh la la!


Thank you for the note!