Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Out in Right Field...

Last night "Thing 1" had a game and the hubs had to work. So...out to right field went I and the crew. 
We parked our blanket right beyond the foul pole and dined on our baggy packed dinner. It was like being at a pro the nosebleed section...with a mini soccer game in the outfield...

I am soon going to run out of creative ways to entertain the kiddo's who are not playing, during the games of the kiddos who are playing. {Did you follow all that?} Maybe I'll start challenging them with impossible blowing a life sized bubble out of bubble yum OR catching the wishies after they blow them.



  1. I'm afraid of the same thing! We always take bubbles (that keeps T entertained for quite a while) and at our home field there is a funny little tree that D climbs and plays on. I dont know how much longer that will last though. And I'm always thankful when others bring their extra kids, too!

  2. What gorgeous pictures. :-) Happy Wednesday to you!


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