Sunday, April 29, 2012

rainbows & coffee

I have a standing "get together" with a dear friend...Every Other Friday...
She has 1 sweet, contented little boy to my 4 on the go, adventurers. 
For now, her 1 is her only. But one day he will be her oldest...her oldest is the same age as my youngest...and that is where their similarities end...they are night & day.
Which is fitting, because their mothers are equally dis-similar...
She is an adoptee, I am an adoptive mother. 
I wear rainbow dresses, she wears rainbow scarves.
She eats organic, I'll take a McDouble Please.
I tried out for the football team, she...does not like balls.
I like to take pictures, she likes to write.
She's from the mid-west, I'm a total Jersey girl.
The list goes on...

We share a love of coffee & Jesus...and that's enough to get us through the head tilting "i don't think I understand you" moments. We talk till our tongues ache...and then I talk her into staying the entire day because we're just so great together it shouldn't have to end over a silly thing like nap time or house chores. Sometimes we laugh, once or twice we've cried...we're comfy's safe...I like it. 

Aren't those the best kind of relationships? The ones that fit despite the odds...the ones that are open & honest & ready to love...the ones that are happy just the way they are without the pressure to be bigger or better...the ones that are ok not being perfect? 

Side note: I think we would make and awesome Amazing Race team. AWESOME! I promise you it would be hilarious & we would be surprisingly good...if only there weren't this thing involving the raising of our young children...oh well, in the next life. 

Oh and did I mention she's my sister in-law? We married brothers. Who themselves are very different...

I think I didn't mention it because it doesn't really matter...we'd have ended up friends regardless...I'm sure of it. 
I'm not so convinced the boys would have been friends regardless...oh well...they're cousins, they'll learn to love each other. 


  1. you are too sweet. i love our fridays. and you know i've been thinking, for as much as we are different (and those are obvious like the noses on our face), i think we are a lot alike in some big, but non-obvious ones. but we won't tell the amazing race people in case we blow our odd couple cover. love you sister friend.

  2. I loved this. But I must admit I'm laughing out loud at the thought of you two on amazing race. Please please oh please tryout. Still laughing=) ....

  3. Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X


Thank you for the note!