Thursday, April 5, 2012

Seat Savers {DIY}

If you're like me, chances are you are looking for last minute "Easter ideas".
I'll be using these "seat savers" again this year...they are just to cute and to to easy peasy to pass up.

{Made these cuties while chatting it up with a dear friend.}

Here's the (super easy) DIY for these "Easter Seat Savers"

You'll need:
Mini Jars (I am using 4 oz. mason jars...but you could probably use baby food jars, mini planters, etc.)

"Filler" (be creative find something that matches your decor...easter grass, shredded newspaper, cotton balls, fabric, etc.)

 A "wrap" ( creative. I used white hemp.)

 Eggs (I landed on paper eggs...but plastic or hard boiled would work too)

3 simple steps:
~ place filler in jar
~ wrap "ribbon" around mouth of jar
~ stamp names on Eggs and place in jar 

TA DA!!!

***Psst...this is a repost from last Easter. ENJOY!***


Thank you for the note!