Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break Finale...

Happy Weekend to You! 
We wrapped up Spring break with an impromptu PJ Picnic in the Park this morning. Up and out of bed...right into the was such fun! With bagels in our bellies and a playground empire all to ourselves, we were in our glory. 

The boys seem to be settling in perfectly with each other these days...they have all reached an age where they can play as a "team"...even little Coop joins in now. I love watching them dart to and fro full of independence. I love that they still need a mama's magic hug & kiss for the occasional topple. 
{Not a single one has outgrown my hugs or kisses} 
My tough little mama's boys. 

Our weekend is already filled to overflowing! Baseball is upon us and the season officially begins tomorrow, bright & early...I can't wait to be the crazy cheering mama in the stands! I am so good at that role. {They are so adorable running around in their cute to big uniforms with the to big helmets falling down over their eyes as they round second...if they can find second...}

Oh and we have a date night on Saturday! WOO HOO!!! Boardwalk or Sushi? We haven't decided...but honestly drive thru coffee, no destination, & driving with the windows down is still the bestest time ever if the hubs at the wheel. I have silly schoolgirl butterflies already!

Yep, this is going to be a good weekend. 


  1. You are such a great impromptu mom! looks like so much fun! Summer will be here soon to fill with all kinds of improptuness ;)

  2. I'm certainly planning to steal this idea someday soon! =)


Thank you for the note!