Monday, May 21, 2012

Banana Foster Date

My mother is amazing. She is a complete "giver" with an abundant amount of energy {Seriously, she just keeps going and going...} She's strong, has an opinion, and is full of love. 
She is ALWAYS there for us...any of us...all we need do is ask. 

To celebrate this year we took Mom to Darling's Diner in Philly for cheesecake...right around the corner from the lil' sis. Perfect. Banana Foster cheesecake was had and stories were exchanged...Sis and I couldn't have any different lives...her stories always entertain {her group does fun parties, theme and all}...lots of laughing, lots of laughing...  
After dessert we walked through the city to a local park /  community garden. Snapped a few pics...{dropped my camera and broke my fave lens}...laughed some more...always laughing...and our laugh starts to sound the same the longer we are in the same's kinda kinda reminds me of my mom with her sisters...they kinda cackle though, I don't think I cackle...

Anyways...LOVE YOU MOM! 


  1. beautiful! i can totally see the resemblance between all three of you. and i so get it about the laughing. my mom and sis - we do the same thing : )

  2. Thanks, Tracey! I love you too!


Thank you for the note!