Friday, May 25, 2012

field trippin'

LAST Friday we went field trippin' to the zoo with "Thing 2's" Kindergarten class.
It was such fun. This particular zoo is extra's free...and the animals have so much space vs. tiny little, it's always nice to see your littles in "their spaces".
The Kinder's had to leave shortly after lunch for bussing purposes...but we hung around a bit...had a treat...revisited the zebra's and snapped a couple cute pics:) 
I wish this Friday was going to be more like last. I am having a "dental procedure"/tooth ripped out of my mouth. Ughh...I avoid the dentist (nothing personal)...I have this straight up dentist horror story from my younger single days. We're talking a movie could be made type horror story...anyways it has created some rather irrational fears surrounding the dentist...resulting in dental neglect...resulting in ridiculous procedures that one should avoid. Ughh.

I'm optimistic that I'll recover quickly, I'm pretty tough. It's a holiday weekend, grilling and chilling are on the agenda.

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  1. I love this personal fave since the old lion could be heard from miles away. Back then it was teenie tiny. Boy have they made it into a beautiful place to live (for the animals) and visit (for us:-))


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