Monday, May 7, 2012


"Thing 3" has been on a Tiger kick as of late. 
So when we strolled in to Target and spotted these at the dollar spot my heart was just as excited as his...
He is an excellent tiger. Always in character...he crawls, growls, and only answers to his tiger name "Sunshine". He is a friendly tiger, of course...a house pet of the best kind. He cuddles and does fancy tricks...and takes excellent care of his baby, tiger, brother "Cloudy". {"Cloudy" is not as into the tiger thing as "Sunshine" is.} He has excellent manners, eating  his snacks politely from a bowl on the floor...using his paws perfectly so as not to make a mess. 
{Note: Tigers are not picky eaters...they eat whatever mommy makes. Today they munched on fresh strawberries, boiled eggs, and slices of raw cheddar...and I'm about to get myself some seconds.}
The tiger phase been cute...but I'll be honest, sometimes I'm not quite in the mood to explain to a tiger why I don't want to have the constant sound of purring/growling in my ear as he cuddles on my lap. Which means that after some {seemingly endless} purring and pawing...I'll ask the tiger to PLEASE STOP! And then the brave little tigers lips will start to quiver and I'll  realize that this tiger is a special little boy...with a fabulous imagination that I absolutely if he wants to be a tiger on my lap for a few minutes, I can "suck it up" and be a tiger's mama...because he won't be a tiger forever...

{Is anyone else in the mood for Frosted Flakes?}

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