Tuesday, May 15, 2012

philadelphia salvage

Mother's Day went something like this:
Breakfast in bed // a rose from each boy // bouquet from the hubs // cards // hugs & kisses // my littles continuously proclaiming my fabulousness // hubs taking over my duties // a trip to Philadelphia Salvage all by myself with a very fun-sized budget {my big gift} // sitting in city traffic with the windows down, singing teeny bopper songs at the top of my lungs // meeting back up with my men for a walk around the block before bed // sushi date for dinner // 7 layer chocolate cake from Mr. Bills for dessert // tucking myself into bed with a fully appreciated heart. 
Philadelphia Salvage is something like this:
A secret treasure I don't want to share //  a treasure to great to keep all to myself // salvaged goods from the great city of Philly // church pews // iron gates //hardware // crates and spindles // lighting // an enormous vintage missile // details // hidden gems // endless possibilities // custom work // lumber // etc.

And it's all tucked away on the cutest little street with a cafe and mini food mart on the corner...I don't know why I've waited to long to make the trip.

Oh and my loot...

 I have great, great plans for my "loot".
{We'll save that for another day}
Thank you honey! Best Mother's Day Present EVER!


  1. Hi there! I found your blog from the philly adoption fb group! Beautiful blog--really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Oh and I started following you on ig--my user name is bumberjoy!

  3. OMIGOSH! That sounds like a DREAM DATE for me and hubby. Thanks for the tip. Seriously, I canNOT wait to get there!

    1. It is fabulous! So glad to have introduced you! Be sure to stop back and share what you found!

  4. what a great day! mine was a blast too : ) cheers to mother's day appreciation!


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