Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pigs & pancakes

Last week "Thing 2" came home from school with the sweetest little request. He asked me to bring pancakes in to his class. So cute. So random. And I love pancakes. 
Plus...I had the perfect story to bring along & make it an event...
He was adorably quiet and his classmates were adorably chatty. The breakfast-y treats disappeared quickly...topped with nutella and spray whip from a can. It was a quick visit..."Thing 4" was in tow...stomach pains drained me of my usual enthusiastic story reading...
Ok, do you ever put secret pressures on yourself? {boy oh boy, do I} And somehow I did it again today...pigs and pancakes will be the most exciting day of these young children's lives..."stomach pains?! EXCUSES!"...Ugh, kindergarten story time, fail...
But then, my precious boy exclaimed, "That was the best day ever! Can you do it again?! PLEASE!" 
Silly mama, worrying over nothing. 
I came as promised with pancakes in hand...that's all he needed.
It was a great day. And maybe I'll do it again...if they'll have pressure.

Hello, Hello? Still There?
I wanna take a minute real quick and applaud "Thing 2's" teachers: Mrs. Rasso & Mrs. Errara 
They are A-MAZING! Really. 
Armani had an extremely tough time transitioning into school this year...but they stood by him every {challenging} step of the way. He LOVES school...absolutely loves it...I tip my hat to his fabulous teachers. 1st grade has some mighty big shoes to fill. :)


  1. aw what a sweet and special day! I wish I could do stuff like this in my kindergaten class. your little one is blessed with a supportive mama :o)


Thank you for the note!