Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A planter for mom {DIY}

Pssst...Mother's Day is THIS Sunday. 
I'm really hoping I'm not the first to tell you, but just incase...below is an easy peasy DIY gift that I'm pretty sure she'll love. It's one step beyond the pretty flowers.
{If she doesn't love it, she can send it to me. I love it...I may go into rustic planter making overdrive very soon}

I call it: "Nature Repurposed...The Planter." 
{j/ it whatever you'd like}

You will Need:

Lay out your bark and start gluing away!
{It's a little bit time consuming because mother nature doesn't fit together like a perfect little puzzle}
Don't obsess over making it's the imperfect-ness that makes it fabulous...

All that's left now is to fill your new pot with some soil and her favorite blooms.
I have always been a fan of the "moss and exposed bulb look"{yes, thats a look} my yard is full of moss and I already had some tulip bulbs out in the garage...the rest is history.

If you're feeling crazy you may want to add some mini know, mini buntings adds fun to everything...   ev-ry-thing. 

Oh, but wait...the gift doesn't end there.
Now it's time to invite your mama over for a glass of lemonade and girl talk, just the two of you.
And after you've giggled till your sides ache...she gets to go home with the centerpiece!
Confession: I'm not giving this to my mother. I placed it on the sink in the downstairs bath. 

The sis and I are working on some plans for mother's day. I can't get into the details here because my mom reads the Blog. {Hi mom!} I CAN tell you...that she is a fabulous mother and deserves to be celebrated. We have to get creative now...30+ mother's day celebrations's the same dilemma many have...what do you give someone who has everything? I'm confident we can come up with something special...we're good like that.  {insert cocky head bobbing and duck face smile, here}


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