Wednesday, May 23, 2012

preschool fashion {for boys}

I have 4 boys...and only 1 has an opinion about his clothes. Sometimes I pull when the pajamas are worn as undergarments and the socks are over the shoes or the bow tie is a headband...but sometimes I think he takes after his Uncle Ben, king of fashion. 
Like today.

Seriously, he the best. IF anyone is wondering about this ones personality...the outfit says it all. He likes what he likes...

Favorite color: red. 
Favorite playtime activity: pretend. 
Personality in sum: full of life, happy life...confident...engaging...bound to suck you in...opinionated...creative...absolutely adorable. 

I'm doing my best to raise some boys with fashion sense. And why not...little girls shouldn't get to have all the fun. 

**Outfit Run Down**
Shirt - H&M
Coverall's - Old Navy
Shoes - Target
Socks - Target dollar spot
Headband - Preschool {thanks Miss Barb}

Proud Mama Moment: So he's at that age...knows it all...instigates {EVERYONE}...teases, runs, squeals/cries when they catch him...whines...etc. {I am not a fan of this "phase"} But ultimately, he is the secret protector of our little family...wanting everyone to be happy and free of hurt. Like the other day when he sacrificed his body on the pavement so he wouldn't run into his little brother who unknowingly stepped right in front of his bikes path...he just dove right onto the driveway, got himself all cut up...tears in my throwing himself on a grenade to save the troops {ok so maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but for a 4 year old it seemed big...and I was oh so very very proud.}


  1. he is too cute. he looks like he could be in a boy band and yes to pulling you in. "sooo, what do you want to talk about next?" ;)

    1. You may be a tad biased since he's a mini Ben :) However...I completely agree. I'm not routing for boy band though...

  2. so adorable! i saw chicken coops on your pinterest...are you guys joining the urban chicken movement too?! we just ordered this one
    . it was a smoking deal for just $275 and free shipping. i think i want to paint it a fun color. purple or chartreuse. : )

    1. Ooh la la! Adorable Coop! We're going try our hand at the chicken scene...starting with just 1 for now...we'll see what happens after that. If nothing else, the boys will love her. (I vote chartreuse for the coop)


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