Thursday, May 17, 2012

self serve

Our sunshiny day has been filled with: hunting for flower boxes {and failing} /// trips to the self serve farm market /// blogging in the sun /// wading pools /// iced coffees /// happy calls from friends /// greek yogurts /// little boys with BIG imaginations /// trips down the slide /// ewwwwww BUGS /// making moves on big decisions /// resting...

All in all it's been a grand Thursday. 

Tonight there is baseball and grocery shopping on the "to do list". After his last game, "thing 1" declared himself a catcher {look out Ruiz}. It may have something to do with getting to touch the ball frequently {because lets be honest baseball at 8 years old can be a tad boring}, regardless he has a knack...and he's so cute in all that catcher's gear! He loves it so much it tickles my heart strings.

By the way, anyone else ready for summer? 

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  1. A belated yes to a diner soon and I now have my own precious 4 blue eggs picture from Jamie=)


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