Thursday, May 3, 2012


Let it be known, it is not my intention for this post to make you jealous...
Drum roll please...
My mother fills our freezer with pre-cooked meals. On a monthly basis. 

Last night we met up at a local diner to menu/grocery list plan. 
Dessert was were drooled over...lists were written. 
There was giggling{because I am oh so funny}...mothering {because you never stop being the mom}...daughtering {because you never stop being the kid}.

In a week we will be blessed with a freezer full of meals for those "couldn't get it together days". 
I am spoiled. 
Thank you are amazingly generous...we are blessed to have you in our lives. 

Now the world mom rocks.


  1. I'm speechless...I know that's hard to believe...Thanks, Trace...I enjoyed our night out! Love You!

  2. Having had many of your mom's meals over the years I can affirm- you ARE spoiled! :)


Thank you for the note!