Thursday, June 28, 2012

another year

I don't think my mom will ever seem "old" to me. 
It could be her crazy amounts of energy...or her ageless-ness {mom...please share the location to the fountain of youth}...or it could simply be that if she's old, I'm getting old. 
{Oh my, that's a funny...I will never be old...never, ever.}

All that to say, tomorrow is mom's b-day! 

This past weekend we had a little "thing" to celebrate and show her that we care, because we really do care & we really don't say it enough. 

Desserts and stories and dads snoring in the recliner. Ahhh...

Party like the Rock Star you are!

Pssst - If you're drooling over the fantastic raspberry treat you's a link to the recipe! It tastes even better than it looks...AH-MAZING!

Double Pssst - Notice anything dif about my pics lately? I've been on a little editing kick. I'm a raw image girl at heart but for whatever reason I've been having fun with the edit options on's free from google...I likey it a lot. :)


  1. happy birthday to your mom!

    i love picasa too. when i first got it i was crazy for the 60s pics and now i'm loving the cross process.

  2. happy birthday! .... and those goodies look delish!


  3. Thanks for the beautiful blog in my honor...thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks for the picasa makeover that removed most of my wrinkles ;)

  4. happy bday mrs. J! looks like you had a fabe time!!!

    Picasa is a great...i spend way too much time on that.


Thank you for the note!