Thursday, June 7, 2012

changing times

Question: Which came first the boy or the bird?
Answer: The boy & his homeschoolin'

So...I hinted last week that we were suddenly homeschoolin'. Our reasons for the change are personal but bottom line: "Thing 1" needs to be home with his mama. So home he shall be. 
And homeschool mama I shall become {YIKES!!!}


Confession...I was considering chickens before the big homeschool switcheroo...but then it just fit to perfectly to not do it. 

We're quite ga ga over our girls, Dolly & Reba. Each new egg results in a mini celebration. And now the {slightly creepy} birds that were going to be a fab learning experience have already stolen our hearts. Sometimes it's near silly how we spoil them.  I can not believe that I stand in the yard every night and flap my arms like a bird clucking and cooing to coral them back in their coop. {I guess as long as I keep doing it wearing a dress and heels, I'll stay true to self.} 

The littlest "Things" have taken the greatest shine to our new family members. "Thing 3" has figured out how to catch a chicken on his own...and has also mastered the art of cuddling chickens. {I have no idea why anyone would want to cuddle a chicken. I'm still not ready to hold one myself...their legs and beaks...blech, no thanks.} 

Homeschoolin'...Chickens...wonder what changes will happen next!

PS-Chloe is not a fan of the worries me a little...not sure we'd recover from a chicken slaying via our pup. 


  1. yay for chickens!! we have three little chick-a-dees in a rubbermade tote in the guest bathroom right very cute. we are also already in love! our little barred rock is by far the friendliest. best of lucks with the ladies and the schoolin'!

    1. I wasn't brave enough for chickies :) Best of luck to YOU my blog buddy!

  2. I love love love this post! I love that the chicken is letting Thing 3 cuddle her! And I love how homeschooling must obviously involve chickens. Of course! Why not?

  3. You are welcome to join the "I never thought I'd be a homeschooling mother" club. I'm a proud member.

  4. Welcome to the chicken club. We have 8 and my boys LOVE, LOVE cuddling chickens. I can pick one up so that my "medium" can pet them. (I have become a mom of overcoming slimy, creepy, gross fears. This should be the definition of mom with boys!) I can relate to the clucking, cooing coralling scenario to get them into their coop. (However my farmer hubby informed me that when it gets dark they will go in by themselves. I found out the following night that they do.) Good luck and hope you get a double yoker!

    1. My silly girls like to roost on the trampoline when it's dark...and mama just isn't up for catching sleeping chickens so...coo & cluck I must. Aren't boys just the best?!


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