Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Our sweet girls have been patiently waiting for their cottage.

Not that life has been hard for them...they spend their days "Free Rangin'." Hiding in the gardens...feasting on bugs and table scraps...laying eggs here and there around the yard. {Yep, we have a yard...in a neighborhood...not a farm.}
A lady needs a suitable place to lay her head at night and this dog crate just ain't it...
So hi ho, hi ho...the hubs set to work and built the most magnificent Chicken Cottage you ever did see. He worked straight through his week off not resting till it was completed. 
I feel so so so loved!
 drum roll....
It is A-MAZING!!!
 The details. The workmanship. Above and beyond.
If the kids were a bit smaller they could use it as a legit play house. {Don't be fooled, they already have. and I'm sure I'll find them in there again}
I joked with my folks that the hubs' retirement plan was "Pro Coop Builder"...Umm babe, might be a real option, just saying'...you are a chicken coop rockstar!
The run was a necessary addition as well.
While I love having the girls pop in and out as we do our "thang" in the yard...poor pup has been under house arrest since they arrived. {I don't think she would hurt them, but she likes a good chase and it's slightly unnerving...all that clucking and feather flying. No good.} She misses playing fetch with her boys. So now, we split the time in the yard and I don't have to suffer mommy guilt when one or the other is "inside". 
Another bonus: eggs shall be laid in the coop vs. the daily egg hunt. 
It was fun at first, like Easter, but we've lost/cracked/stepped on a few eggs...and then I'm not sure how long the eggs have been laying there...and if we should actually eat them because I'm used to eggs in the fridge not in the garden. 
{Baby steps people. I'm new to this urban farming thing.}
 We still have some little touches before it's complete {like shingles and locks for the doors and windows...you know, little things} But it's "hen ready" and I couldn't wait to share it with you. Anyone have an old weather vane laying around?

Oh and this cottage can hold up to 8 chickens...

Dear Babe, 
Thank you, so much, for all your hard work on the chicken cottage. I think I love it more than the hens do! OK, we both know I love it more than the hens do...thank you!!!! You're the bestest.


  1. What an amazing hubs you have... however, the table saw next to the bare foot gave me a little anxiety. No? Ha!

    1. A self taught DIY kinda guy :) gotta love it!

  2. Looks even better in person...some lucky chickens :)


Thank you for the note!