Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A few girlfriends and I try to get together monthly for a "heels night".{A.K.A. an excuse to get fancy and head out somewhere special with the ladies...NO KIDDOS!} It is a time I cherish. Our lives do not naturally intertwine so heels night has become a coveted event for me...all else stops for heels night. 
{well...sometimes life does get in the way, grrrrrrrr}

Today we cast off the heels, welcomed the kids, and enjoyed our time together...brunching it up {noticing a trend in my life yet?}...catching up...and missing one of our dearest who's middle has taken ill {pray for him, please}. 

Ok so...not everyone is as comfy as we are when it comes to dining with chickens {giggle giggle}.

Outdoor party tip: If you don't own some fancy food can always use doilies to keep those pesky flies away...I crossed my fingers as I covered the food today and was delighted to discover it worked! Yippee!


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