Friday, June 8, 2012

A Mud Kitchen & A DIY

 Mud Kitchen Inspirations are all over the web and I'm not even going to pretend to take credit. Just sharing ours :)
{Oh my goodness...that is one dirty shed...looks like we're real}

Here's a Quicky rundown:
~head board turned chalkboard
~stumps for stools and a table
~ribbon garland
~dinner bell
~DIY nightstand kitchen
~trellis/side of baby crib {for future baskets to hang and hold mud pie utensils}
~thrifted kitchen supplies {plastic and metal}

 And now a DIY for the Nightstand Kitchen:
You will need:
~ an old nightstand or side table
~cookie tin lids
~Spray Polyeurethane
~misc. tools

 Step 1: Sand down your old night stand...

 Step 2: Paint AWAY!

 Optional Step: Distress edges lightly 
{this makes all the rough and tough wear from little boys a little easier to bear}

Step 3: Staple/Pleat fabric
{I staple each side then the middle first to make sure my fabric is spaced somewhat evenly}
I love this fabric...a quilt remnant I found at the local flea market

Step 4: Drill tin lids to top surface of nightstand

Step 5: Spray Polly! 
{I didn't get a legit picture of this step, sorry}
The Polly seals the deal and protects from the elements. 


 The nightstand is almost to cute to be helps that it is kinda falling apart. I already have plans to make one for a friend and am thinking I may whip one up to put in our kitchen so the littles can cook along side mama. 

Happy Weekend!

PS-I can't take credit for the the nigh stand either....they are also all over the web and Pinterest. Have fun making yours!


  1. hey this looks great! i must say when you were telling me about i couldn't imagine it. i was thinking a kitchen made out of mud but this is much better :)


Thank you for the note!