Wednesday, July 11, 2012

belongs to {DIY}

Only a few days till the "vintage backyard wedding".

We've decided to use Mason Jars for sipping Izze's and other fancy beverages so I've been working on some drink markers to help people keep track of whose jar is it's another opportunity to add a detail and who doesn't love extra details?!

Sometimes trying to be unique isn't easy...and other times it's so easy you don't see it...
After an EPIC fail...these cuties finally emerged...
 The sticks are wooden skewers {you can find them at the grocery store...think "shish kabob"}. The doilies are 4" paper...they come in packs of 30 at craft stores. 
All you need to do is thread the skewer through the holes in the doily {1 at the top & 1 at the bottom}...TA DA!

Yep. That is super easy...and yet it stared me in the face for an hour while I fumbled around with some ridiculous idea that ended up being UG-LY. 

Simple. Sweet. Done. 

I'm not entirely sure I've landed on these for the wedding...but they are just so stinkin' cute.
I mean c'mon, who doesn't love a doily on a stick?

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