Thursday, July 5, 2012

House Tour...castle style

A CASTLE ROOM?! In my house?!

This room belongs to our "Thing 2". During the day he is safest tucked away inside one of his hybrid costume combinations...and at night he is safest tucked away inside his castle walls.

The room is a perfect fit for him. PERFECT. The wall design & room essentials alone are enough extras needed. Which is good because, with "Thing 2", the extras usually get destroyed, turning me into an agitated mama bear.

Sometimes I have mama guilt that his room is so "plain"...then I remember that those walls took HOURS to get just right...and he really doesn't care for decor anyways. So...why am I feeling guilty? I dunno. 

A quick run down:
~Bed - was mine as a youngster
~ Comforter - was also mine as a youngster
~ Toy Treasure Chest - Ikea 
~Metal Toy Box - is actually a truck bed tool pops gave it to the hubs who wasn't able to use far it is the only indestructible thing to enter "Thing 2's" world...I keep holding my breath...
~ Painting - a gift from a friend when we finalized the adoption
~The Chalkboard is painted directly to the wall
~The fan  - Home Depot
~Curtains - when you're going castle A valance and drapes are a MUST HAVE {they really add to the ambiance...ooh la la}
~Closet doors - I dry brushed those with a super dark, dark mahogany paint
~Walls -First I painted them a solid medium grey. Then I went back and added the sponged block sections for the castle feel. {There are tons of tutorials on the web for creating faux castle walls, so I won't bore you with one. I will tell you that for our castle blocks I used 3 color process. If you're interested in the how-to and not interested in searching the web shoot me an email, I'll hook you up.}

The key to pulling this room together was finding essentials that added to the feel...since extra decor was not an option.

*All the photos for this post were taken on my iPhone using the VSCO CAM app. This post isn't affiliated with them in any way, just thought you might like to know*

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