Thursday, July 12, 2012

icky sicky

There should be a law against mother's getting ill...I mean seriously, who has time to get the "sickies" when you have a house full of kiddo's running around? It's just a sin, I tell ya. A sin!

Yes. I've been sick. The yucky kind. So wedding prep was put on hold for 36 hours. Also put on hold: the dishes, laundry, meals, and getting out of bed. 

Se la vi.

Blessing for me, this afternoon was much better so we wandered outside for some fresh air and simple thoughts...
{Don't I look, oh so put together here? BWAH  HAHAHA! I was a hot mess, I promise.}
Simple thoughts of: summer fun,  kite flying, roasting marshmallows, catching fireflies, once upon a time I said "I do", pink really is the best color, so so so many boys, I need a pedicure, dang mosquito's, so happy for Shan, where will I put 8 chicks, flowers are fabulous...
Simple thoughts interrupted by the need for a slushee pop break. is good...despite having a bit of the "sickies".


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