Monday, July 2, 2012

invited {party tip}

Picnic Party Season is upon us...finally...YIPPEE!!! I hope you are invited to many parties this summer...and when you sure to bring your hostess a little something because it will make her smile.
{note: a LITTLE stress or she'll feel guilt that you went to the trouble}
Left to Right:
~ a "thank you", prettily wrapped in: tissue, doily, & paper twine
~ a plate of *smore's bites with mini paper pendants
~a single flower {wrap the bottom in a wet paper towel & then foil...this way she won't have to rush around looking for a vase while she puts the finishing touches on the tables.}
So Simple. So pretty. So Ooh la la.
She'll love it. 

Happy Partying!

**Smore's Bites:
Dip marshmallows in melted chocolate. 
Immediately roll in crushed graham crackers.
Set on wax paper to dry {chocolate free side down}

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